EPOMAKER AK84S - Mechanical Switches

75% 84 Keys Wireless/wired RGB Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

  • Hotswappable Gateron & Chocolate Mechanical Switch
  • Frosted Translucent Case & RGB Baclight
  • 84 Keys 75% Compact Layout
  • PBT or ABS Doubleshot Keycaps
  • Fully Programmable
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Verkaufspreis $109.00 Regulärer Preis

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75% Layout Compact Hot-Swappable Keyboard

The Epomaker AK84S is a 84-key wireless and hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that is specifically optimized for MacOS compatibility. Compared with our previous keyboards, the AK84S is equipped with new changes to enusre the best fit for your personal typing preference, with new proprietary Chocolate switches. The AK84S is also available with several types of desgins, including aluminum & plastic frame, full aluminum case, or a unique bold acrylic design versions.

Wireless With Bluetooth 5.1 & 16.8 Million RGB Backlight

AK84S is embedded with a huge 4,000mAh battery, which can support long-time work without RGB lights, depending on your daily usage. Featuring RGB lighting with 16 million LED colors, the AK84S integrates beautifully on your desk. It carries 9 different types of default lighting effects and further can be downloaded online. All lighting effects are quickly loaded via the provided software, and you can even create more of your own by using the lighting suite. Connect the keyboard using a USB cable to update the software and the available effects.

Ergonomics Design with GK1 Profile PBT or Shine-through OEM ABS Doubleshot Keycaps

An essential component in designing the AK84S was ergonomics and having a comfortable typing experience. The AK84S features study feet that are adjustable to three different typing angles. The Epomaker AK84S comes standard with the GK1 PBT keycaps, which was liked universally on our previous Epomaker GK96S keyboard.

Various Switches Available

The AK84S comes in Gateron Optical (Blue, Brown, Black, Red) or Gateron Mechanical Switches (Blue, Brown, Black, Red). However, if you’re looking for the latest in switch innovation, we are eager to announce our new proprietary Chocolate Switches! The new and improved switch design helps reduce the physical wear on the switches while providing a smoother typing experience. The Chocolate Switches are available in Blue, Brown, Red, and Silver to match the traditional switch types.

MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android Compatible

Mac users will find the AK84S layout to be familiar with that of traditional Mac keyboards, but can now benefit from the tactile sensation of mechanical keyboards. And of course, the AK84S is also compatible with Windows and Android devices, and comes standard with OS-specific swappable keys. Combined with connectivity with up to three devices simultaneously, the AK84S is the ultimate solution to a more optimal workflow. 

Download the Software for Windows, Software for Mac

Technical Specifications

84 Keys
PBT or Double shot ABS
Hot swappable
Yes, for 3/5-pin mechanical switches
Windows, Mac, etc
Bluetooth 5.1 & Detachable USB C to USB A cable
Gateron/Chocolate Mechanical switch
Working Voltage
5V ≤ 500mA
Cable Length
180cm ± 2cm
319.4mmm * 132.7mm * 37.3mm
870g ± 10g
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Keycap puller
  • Type-C cable
  • Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great initially, but issues in the long-run

I bought the plastic frame with chocolate brown switches. I love the typing and sound experience right off the box. The pricing point was just right also. The keycaps were fine.

However, the software is honestly just trash. It works, but it's incredibly non-intuitive.

My biggest complaint however is the appearance of very rare double-pressing switches. It started happening less than 6 months after purchase.

I may have gotten a faulty unit, but their customer service isn't helpful because my issue happens quite rarely. You can see it in the key logger picture I attached.

Hi dear,

Thank you for your feedback after using the keyboard.

AK84S is not a gaming keyboard and it's more suitable for office working than playing games.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via support@epomaker.com.

Kind regards,

Very happy with purchase

I got the translucent acrylic with panda keycaps for my daughter who I had got into pc gaming a couple of years ago and after she loved it so much I wanted to get her something a bit more personalised as I've loved gaming since I was a kid and we game together a fair bit.

My daughter loves the keyboard, we got it with the gateron red switches but after it arrived I lubed and filmed the switches to give it a nicer feel. We did use the original keycaps which at first I wasn't a massive fan of, but since my 10 year old loved the pattern this is more about her than me

Too often i buy really nice keycaps and start to get a shine but after a year+ of use they may come across as "cheap" but they still look almost identical to when they arrived on the board (I will occasionally take them off and clean them lightly) and she is on her pc most days.

I did the kickstarter and glad I did, the board is still going strong, I can't comment on the software as we don't use it, we just control the colour scheme with the fn keys and never had much reason to change it otherwise and saw no benefit of putting on the software, we did try it but found it sat doing nothing so we removed it.

Great keyboard

This keyboard is great! I bought the gateron yellow switches, and they are really smooth. The only issue is the software and also the stabs are really rattly. The switches I believe have some light lube and so do the stabs, but they are still rattly.

Maria Mellerio

The best keyboard I’ve ever seen, I give 4 star only since the software is Junk.
Needs to be rewritten from scratch

Full aluminum frame-Hefty goodness

Got the full-aluminum case with Chocolate Silver switches: build quality is fantastic, and very solid. Sound is deep and mellow, the stabs have no rattle at all. Switches are just ridiculously smooth and a little firmer than a red, but not nearly as firm as a black. Keycaps have a great texture, not too aggressive, and legends are crisp and clear. LED backlight is very bright (which can be tuned in the config software), but does struggle to emulate yellow tones (which is fairly common for rgb LEDs, so it's not really a minus for me). I'm not sure since I haven't disassembled it yet, but it sounds and feels like the case is already insulated in some way. The only complaint I have is that the driver (which is also the programming software) has little documentation and is a bit of a struggle to figure out. That being said, after messing with it for 20 minutes, I had it pretty well figured. In terms of Windows compatibility, with 1 key-combo I was in business, and the driver can be used to enable function such as macros, layering, & lighting fairly easily. Now for the customer service: So far I have had nothing but good experiences, with ample communication and updates from Epomaker. I received my keyboard a full 2 weeks before it was scheduled. All in all, very satisfied.