21 Keys Wired Numeric Keypad Number Pad with RGB Backlight

  • Double Layer Translucent Pudding Keycaps
  • Various Backlight Modes
  • Type-C Stable Connection
  • Compact and Lightweight

Note: The K1 wired numpad is not programmable.

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Newly Launched EPOMAKER 20% Numeric Keypad

The EPOMAKER K1 number pad makes a bold statement—with its plastic casing and pudding keycaps—that it is not a mere product. It speaks to the geeks who want a numeric keypad of their own, and it has been designed with the most cutting-edge technology to make it the ultimate tool for work or casual computing. With a custom switch that is not yet available on any other keyboard, it is high-quality and durable enough for heavy use.

Double Layer Translucent Pudding Keycaps

Featuring a double layer translucent design, EPOMAKER K1 number keypad is really showing off your keyboards’s lighting. It makes it an excellent addition to your home, office, or studio. The keycaps are made of high-quality materials and are durable and comfortable to use.

Various Backlight Modes

The EPOMAKER K1 numeric keypad is a high quality, backlit numeric keyboard for your computer. Compatible with all computers, the EPOMAKER has many features you're sure to love. With an attractive design including anti-skid feet and a special font designed just for this keyboard, it's sure to be noticed by anyone who sees it. A handy variety of different light colors shine through the case!

Type-C Stable Connection

EPOMAKER K1 numeric keypad provides a stable connection for any keyboard, offering a secure connection and easy data entry. Its durable design is ideal for everyday use in any work environment.

Compact and Lightweight

Maximize your efficiency by using this little device. The EPOMAKER K1 numeric keypad is portable enough to fit in most setups, but it's robust enough for everyday use. This innovative solution makes it easy to enter data faster with minimum errors.

Keys Combination Guide
  • FN+Esc=Reset(Hold for 3 seconds)
  • FN+Esc=Calculator (Press)
  • FN+TAB=Vol +
  • FN+←=Vol -
  • FN+5 =Switch backlight mode
  • FN+ +=Switch backlight color
  • FN+ 8=light brightness (5 levels available)
  • FN+ 2 =light darkness(5 levels available)
  • FN+ 4=Speed down the light (5 levels available)
  • FN+ 6=Speed up the light (5 levels available)
  • Side Light Changing Guide
  • FN+ 0=switch mode
  • FN+ . =change color
  • FN+ 7=increase brightness (5 levels available)
  • FN+ 9=decrease brightness (5 levels available)
  • FN+ 1=increase speed (5 levels available)
  • FN+ 3=decrease speed (5 levels available)

  • Technical Specifications

    Number of keys
    21 keys
    Keycaps Type
    USB-C wired
    Working current
    46mA< I < 170mA
    Product weight
    164 ±10 g
    Product dimension
    About 133.4*87.6*41.6 mm
    Inside the box
    • TH21 Numpad
    • USB Cable


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Brightness can only be adjusted in 4 steps.
    There are only 8 color variations.

    additional drawbacks
    NumLock is blue light, so it is not compatible with red

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your feedback after using the keyboard.

    If there is any issue with it, please feel free to contact us via support@epomaker.com.

    If you have any suggestions for product enhancement, please feel free to share them!

    Best wishes,
    Epomaker Team

    not use

    I thought I could program it because it was an epomaker thing, but I couldn't.


    Thank you for leaving a review here.

    We are so sorry that you found the numpad not satisfying at some points. We are working on another version for the K1 to make it programmable. Yet unfortunately, it won't be compatible with the current version.

    If you have other thoughts on the product, feel free to leave a review here.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,
    Epomaker Team