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  • Keycaps Set, Keyboard, DIY Barebones and Switches Available
  • Orders will be shipped in 7 days after the end of the sales event


Items are randomly packed in different mystery box options. If one chooses several same mystery boxes (i.e. 3 Mystery Boxes of C), duplicate products could be sent to him/her.

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Mysterious Box comes back! Epomaker has packed the hot-selling items in a mysterious box for you - at a super discounted price! 

$50 MYSTERY BOX A - CRAZY KEYBOARD GUESS: The Crazy Keyboard Guess box will include ONE OF the following products: Epomaker GK96S, Firstblood B21, Ajazz K620T V2, Epomaker EP84, TH66 Monet.

$45 MYSTERY BOX B - CRAZY BAREBONES GUESS: The box B will include ONE OF the following products: Epomaker Mini Cat 64 kit, Epomaker Skyline 87 Kit, Epomaker Skyline 98 Kit - Wired Mode, Epomaker TH68 Kit, Epomaker GK61X Kit, Epomaker GK64X Kit.

$27.99 MYSTERY BOX C - KEYCAPS: The box C will include ONE OF the following products: AKKO Clear keycap Set, Epomaker Airy Keycaps Set, Epomaker Avokedo Keycaps, Epomaker Sailing Keycaps Set

$8.99 MYSTERY BOX D - SWITCHES: The box will include 16 pcs switches in total. The box D will include at least 6 types/colors of switches selected from: AKKO CS Mechanical switch, Epomaker Flamingo Switch, Epomaker Budgerigar Switch, Gateron Mechanical Switch.

ALL Mystery box orders will be shipped by the end of the sales event.
The items are randomly selected in each mystery box option. If an order contains multiple same mystery boxes (i.e. 2 or 3 Box C), duplicate products might be sent in the same order.

Technical Specifications

Inside the box

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joseph Wagner
great keyboard!

Received the GK61X in great condition as well as some mystery switches. So much fun!


Ended up selling the keyboard i received because of the color

Dear customer,

Thank you for your comment.

We are deeply sorry that the color of the keyboard did not meet your expectations.

If you have any better improvements to the keyboard color, it is welcome to your suggestions.

Best wishes,
Epomaker Team


Epomaker Mystery Box

Dear customer,

Thank you for your review.

If there is anything wrong with your order, please contact us via support@epomaker.com.

Our customer teams will assist you to solve the issue.

Kind regards,
Epomaker Team

Very good introduction

Ended up with a mechanical fully switch swappable keyboard very nice with brown switches!


both the only keyboard that I did not want in the box and a key came missing. No one helped me even though I explained the situation. I will never buy anything from you again

Dear customer,

We were deeply sorry for bring you any inconvenience and causing trouble in this case. Please accept our sincere apology.

We will take responsibility and give you a better solution.

If your product is incorrect/missing, please follow the instructions:

Send an email to support@epomaker.com with an appropriate Subject Title.
Provide your order number and state the issue clearly.
Attach photos and videos to show that your product is incorrect/missing. Shipping details on the parcel packaging have to be visible.

We will follow it and give you a satisfactory reply.

Kind regards,
Epomaker Team