Megalodon Macro Pad - Dual Layer Knob

VIA Hot-swappable Macro Pad with Four Layers

  • Hot Swappable
  • Double-layer Knob (central knob + functional outer circle)
  • 4 Layers with indicator RGB
  • RGB Back Light
  • VIA Compatible (QMK unfriendly)

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Solid Aluminum/Acrylic Case

The same as all Megalodon pads, this Dual-Layer Knob keyboard is built with numerical control for precision and quality. Made of acrylic and anodized aluminum, the top is smooth and durable while the bottom is translucent and convenient for adaptation and update.

3-for-1 Knob

The most prominent feature of the pad is the double-layer knob. Both the central knob and the outer circle are programmable and able to register twiddle, while the central knob could also respond to keystrokes. This special knob of this pad offers the function of 2 knobs and 1 key altogether, for greater gameplay and more fun.

Hot Swappable Board

The pad is the perfect choice for customizing as one can simply plug the switches in with no additional tools or skills required. The support of hot-swap also is handy for any alternation in the future, while the 3 bonus Outemu Switches and Blank XDA keycaps within the pack will make the DIY process much easier.

4-Layer Pad with Indicator Light

The size of this mini pad may be small, but its function is no less powerful than many bigger pads. The incredible 4-layer pad has a helpful indicator light for registering keystrokes and input, guiding you in your interaction with the smart device.

VIA supported RGB Backlight

The board houses incredible backlight that is long-lasting and shines in vivid colors. The default RGB patterns are already fantastic and yet it also allows anyone to add more with the VIA software. Friendly reminder that QMK will not work for this pad.

Technical Specifications

Aluminum 6063 + Translucent Acrylic Base
88x65x30.5 (mm)
193 Grams
3 hot-swappable keys --3* Outemu Switches --3* Blank XDA keycaps 1 double-layer knob --central knob (register turn & keystroke) --outer circle (register turn)
Inside the box
  • Magalodon Macro Pad
  • Type-C Cable
  • Manual

Customer Reviews

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Works great for what it is but somewhat misleading listing

The macro pad works like a charm, and the dual layer knob works as intended. 2 gripes I had with this item, though:

1. As seen on my pics and the listing pics, the actual macro pad is a little different. The one on the listing has the center knob with one round dimple for you to normally rest your finger on so that it's easier to rotate. The actual product, has a different knob design... no dimple but it has line grooves, which aren't as good as the dimple. So sometimes when I rotate the knob, it slips if I have oily or moist fingertips. Another difference is the keycaps being used. It claims to use XDA Profile keycaps but these clearly look like a different height... probably either Cherry or MDA Profile.

2. The VIA JSON file they have does not allow to change RGB backlight and underglow through the software. You can't refine your RGB lighting since it's reliant on cycling through the pre-set lighting settings using a key you have to assign... so no way for you to assign a static light of specific color for the keys while having a different color and mode for the underglow.

Overall, still a good product... but it needs improvement and definitely needs to either be honest with the listing, or coordination between their marketing and manufacturing teams.


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If you have met any problems when using the macro pad, please feel free to contact us by emailing to and attaching your order number and a video to show the issue. Our support will be happy to help you out.

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