EPOMAKER 680 Press Kit




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The best mechanical keyboards of 2022

This full-featured, solidly built aluminum-framed 65% keyboard, available in high- and low-profile versions, is unusual in that it’s meant to be portable. While we were dubious at first, we found that it actually works quite well and makes a pretty nice travel companion if you really demand a mechanical keyboard feel wherever you are. The NT68 is a serious productivity device you can take with you anywhere.

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7 mechanical keyboards that offer custom-built features for half the price

(TH80) It’s another 75% design with a plastic case and Bluetooth/2.4GHz wireless options, but this one comes with switches (pretty decent Gaterons!) and keycaps. You get a rotary dial, RGB lighting, and a proprietary programming tool — everything you need to get started with customization. When you’re ready to upgrade, just take out the hotswap switches and slide in something more custom. For just $100 it’s hard to beat, though you may need to wait a long time for shipping.

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Epomaker Lite Review - 60% Shallow Gasket Mount Keyboard

The various assortment of parts merits a discussion, with Epomaker feeling generous in what is for its consideration its first entry into the more premium product lineup adopting its own take on the gasket-mount design. While not necessarily one, the overall effect is good enough—I have no issues with how well this so-called shallow gasket mount works. All versions come with a 4000 mAh battery for Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, and then come the various switch, case, and keycap options. Starting at $99, this is an excellent set that allows for pre-lubed switches and stabilizers of both the mechanical and optical kind.

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