Ajazz AK820 Pro

75% Gasket-mounted Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G Wireless & Type-C Wired Mechanical Keyboard

  • TFT Screen: The Interactive Interface
  • A Popular 75% Compact Design
  • Triple Modes: Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz Available
  • Gasket-mounted & Flex-cut PC Plate and PCB
  • South-facing LEDs with 1.6M RGB & Mac/Win Compatibility
White Purple
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TFT Screen: The Interactive Interface

This 75% mechanical keyboard comes equipped with a TFT Screen, serving as your interactive interface for real-time updates and customization. The high-definition display allows for customizable visuals, battery status, date & time display, connectivity & OS display, and backlight effects. With this TFT Screen feature breakdown, it’s easily to understand the full range of its capabilities and why the Ajazz AK820 Pro stands out from other keyboards on the market.

A Popular 75% Compact Design

Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Ajazz AK820 Pro offers a combination of innovation and craftsmanship that's hard to beat. This 75% compact mechanical keyboard maximize your desk space and enjoy a sleek look with this 75% layout. It's also perfectly portable, allowing for seamless typing experiences, delivering a superior typing experience without compromising on features or functionality, wherever you are.

Wireless & Wired Connectivity

The Ajazz AK820 Pro supports connection via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz for wireless connectivity, or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.1, the keyboard responses faster and save more power than the former Bluetooth versions. The keyboard is also easily switched among the three modes for efficient multitasking and speedy performance. Included 4000mAh battery ensures a long and steady use, without worries of short out.

Gasket-mounted & Flex-cut PC Plate and PCB

Experience a typing feel like never before with our gasket-mounted design coupled with a Flex-cut PC plate and PCB. The gasket mounting method isolates the plate and PCB from the case, significantly reducing vibration and noise. In the meanwhile, the Flex-cut design in both the PC plate and PCB allows for a slightly flexy, yet stable typing experience. Every keypress is both cushioned and precise. This innovative construction results in optimal force distribution, a softer bottom-out, and a truly personalized keystroke.

South-facing LEDs with 1.6M RGB & Mac/Win Compatibility

Illuminate your setup with the Ajazz AK820 Pro's vibrant LED backlighting, featuring South-facing LEDs that offer superior shine-through capabilities. With a staggering 1.6 million color combinations, you can customize your RGB lighting profiles to suit your mood, occasion, or overall aesthetic. What's more, the keyboard is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, ensuring that you can enjoy the full range of its features irrespective of your computing preferences. With the customizable TFT screen, you can easily switch between Win and Mac modes, enhancing your overall usability and productivity.

Specifications for Ajazz Custom Switch
Ajazz Gift Switch
Type: LinearTotal Travel: 3.6 ± 0.2mmPre Travel: 2.0 ± 0.4mmInitial Force: 45 ± 8gBottom Force: 60 ± 8g
Ajazz Flying Fish Switch
Type: LinearTotal Travel: 3.5 ± 0.4mmPre Travel: 2.0 ± 0.4mmInitial Force: 42 ± 10gBottom Force: 48 ± 10g

Technical Specifications

Ajazz AK820 Pro
Key Amounts
81 keys + 1 rotary knob
Screen size
0.85 inch
PBT keycaps in OEM profile
Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4GHz
Mounting type
Stabilizer type
Case Material
ABS Plastic
Plate Material
Flex-cut PC
PCB Thickness
1.6m RGB
Battery Capacity
Compatible OS
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Cable
  • Instructional Manual
  • Keycap Puller


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Michel Jaspers
Great keyboard

Great keyboard, a gift for my daughter but I’m thinking of buying one for myself.

Really good, but input lag while wired is not great and double typing happens often

Basically title, I love the sound, I love the south facing lds, compatibility with recular caps, weight, and connectivity options (bluetooth, 2,4gh, and wired) plus mac mode and windows mode. Really awesome for the buck, BUT! but input lag while wired is not great (averaging around 100ms) and double typing happens often

Siddhanta Shrestha

Ajazz AK820 Pro

Anna Pazii
I haven't received my order yet.

I haven't received my order yet.

Hamza Baterdouck

Ajazz AK820 Pro