EPOMAKER Blushing Mint Keycaps Set

147 Keys ASA Profile ABS Double-shot Keycaps Set

  • Epomaker Blushing Mint Color Scheme
  • ASA Profile, Compatible with MX Switches
  • High-Quality ABS Double-shot Molding
  • Compatible with ANSI & ISO Layout
  • Increased Compatibility
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Epomaker Blushing Mint Color Scheme

The blushing pink color is such a soft, romantic shade with a warm undertone. In this keycap set, we have adopted the warm tone color to make a suit. With the mint green and grey, Blushing Mint offers a balanced palette that marries the gentle warmth of blushing pink with the cool tranquility of mint green. This color scheme is ideal for creating a calming, serene environment with a hint of vibrant freshness.

ASA Profile, Compatible with MX Switches

The keycap set is designed with ASA profile for those who feel like sculpt-shaped keys and ergonomic typing experience, with different heights in different rows. It is compatible with MX structure switches such as Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, etc. It is convenient for DIYers without worrying messing around the keycaps and switches.

High-Quality ABS Double-shot Molding

ABS keycaps are known for their strength, glossiness, and versatility. With double-shot molding, a more complicated manufacturing process where two separate plastics are injection molded to make the keycaps, the legends are shown vividly and sharp with high contrast. Details and techniques made this set an ideal and the best choice when you are looking for a replacement set.

147 Keys to Meet Various Needs

Apart from the basic full keycaps, this set also contains extra replacement keycaps, including ISO modifiers and an L-shaped enter key. It provides more fun of matching your own mechanical keyboard with keycaps freely. It can fit keyboards with different popular ANSI and ISO layouts.

Increased Compatibility

Like others in the recent series, Epomaker Blushing Mint keycaps set contains special shift sizes and modifiers like the 1u, 1.75u and 2u SHIFT key, so it is with more possibilities to customize your EPOMAKER keyboard, such as 60%/65%/75%/TKL/96%/1800-compact/100% keyboard. It also includes split spacebar keys that you might need. A keycap set that makes your DIY journey worry-free.

Technical Specifications

Color Scheme
Blushing Mint – Pink, Mint & Grey
Number of Keys
147 keys
ASA Profile
ABS Double Shot
MX structure and its clones
Compatibility with layout
Inside the box
  • 1 Set of Epomaker Blushing Mint Keycap Set

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