75% Compact Hotswappable Gasket Mounted Wired&Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Custom Dot-Matrix RGB LED Screen

  • 84 keys, compact layout
  • Triple-Mode: Bluetooth&2.4G&Type-C
  • Advanced Fast Charging chips with impressive 10,000mAh battery
  • Custom Dot-Matrix RGB LED Screen
  • Compactable with macOS, Windows, Android, iOS

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An Evolution in Customization Experience

Meet the Epomaker DynaTab 75X, a solid hot swappable mechanical keyboard that is sleek, creative, and feature-loaded. The core design concept of the DynaTab is for personalization and customization. Designed with a futuristic 75% compact form factor, the advanced inner gasket structure ensures that every keypress is a symphony of consistency and stability. The 8x IXPE Under-Switch Padding and latex shaft base foam fully dig out the potential of the gasket structure, providing cushioning and a soft yet bouncing tactile feeling to tailor your typing experience even further.

RGB Dot-Matrix LED Screen

Featuring a mesmerizing canvas of 540 distinct RGB Dot-Matrix LEDs, the DynaTab 75X opens up a world of possibilities for intricate pattern designs and dynamic GIF animations. Explore a myriad of custom light effects and letter displays that respond to each keystroke, elevating your typing experience to new heights.But the customization doesn't stop there. With the DynaTab 75X, you have the freedom to design, draw, and upload your favorite animation effects directly onto the screen, infusing a playful touch of fun into your daily typing routine. Experience the magic of personalization with the EPOMAKER DynaTab 75X and make every keystroke a work of art.

Seamless Connectivity Intergration

Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth chip and a 2.4Ghz wireless receiver, you can effortlessly switch between Bluetooth, wired, and 2.4Ghz modes according to your needs. Designed to adapt to today's dynamic tech landscape, the DynaTab 75X can be connected with up to 3 devices simultaneously for multitasking, seamlessly pairing with your smartphone, laptop, or iPad. With multi-device support, fluid multitasking, and swift OS transitions, we've engineered a connectivity experience that anticipates your every need.

WIN/MAC Multi-compayibility

Navigate effortlessly from the refined landscape of Mac to the vibrant domain of Windows, and from the intuitive realm of iOS to the adaptable arena of Android, with the EPOMAKER DynaTab 75X. This keyboard embodies unparalleled compatibility, effortlessly adapting to different platforms. Switch among different systems from macOS to Windows with a simple shortcut whenever you want!

Hot-Swap Socket Support 3-pin/5-pin switches

The DynaTab 75X features hot-swappable switch sockets, which allows the user to simply change the mechanical switches without having to buy a whole new keyboard! Simply plug in the desired switch, and you can get the exact typing feel and sound that you want with your new mechanical switch - all without having to solder anything.

Enduring Energy, Swift Refuel

Marrying rapid-charge technology with superior battery prowess, the EPOMAKER DynaTab 75X seamlessly integrates a 2A quick-charge chip. Revel in the stamina of an impressive 10,000mAh battery reserve, ensuring your sessions remain unbroken and perpetually powered.

Personalization Elevated

Armed with custom software for programming and exquisite custom side-engraved gradient keycaps, the DynaTab 75X brings customization to the next level. Thanks to the intuitive software empowers you to personalize every aspect of your keyboard experience. From customizing each key to programming macros, and designing patterns and animations for the dot-matrix screen, the possibilities are endless.

*Please kindly note that due to the side-graved keycaps were not considered to be used on the ISO version at the first stage, the "2" and "3" kevcaps have to follow the same pattern as the original ANSI design. However, this won't impact the number and symbol that you type and show.

Technical Specifications

Keys Amount
84 Keys
PCB Type
Plate Material
precision-grade Polycarbonate
Type-C Wired, Bluetooth, Wireless
Anti-Ghost Key
Battery capacity
Supports fast charging with a chip, with a maximum of 2A rapid charging.
Keyboard dimensions
345 x 181 x 42 mm
Keyboard Weight
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • Manual
  • Type-C Cable
  • 2.4G Dongle
  • Keycap Puller
  • Extra Mac Keycaps (Only for Purple White)


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