Epomaker EP84 Plus

75% RGB Hot Swappable 2.4GHz/Bluetooth 5.0/USB-C Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • 84 keys, compact layout
  • Hot Swappable Custom Switches
  • PBT Keycaps with Brand-new Colorway of Bauhinia
  • Amazing RGB Effects & Programmable with Included Software
  • Three Modes of Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz & Type-C Cable
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A Compact 75% Mechanical Keyboard

The EPOMAKER EP84 Plus is a versatile 75% mechanical gaming keyboard that has been meticulously crafted for ultimate performance and user convenience. Its compact layout includes essential keys such as the arrows, home clusters and the F row. It is ideal for typists who appreciate the efficiency of space and desire a minimalist setup.

PBT Keycaps with Brand-new Colorway of Bauhinia

Aesthetically, the EP84 Plus doesn’t disappoint. The color theme inspired by the Bauhinia flower, which is white and light purple. This theme name encapsulates the delicate and attractive color scheme of the Bauhinia flower, exuding a sense of elegance and tranquility. In the meanwhile, the keycaps are high-quality dye sublimation, so as to resist shine, wear, and oils, maintaining their sleek appearance and feel even after long-term use. The RGB lighting underneath these keys illuminates the legends on each cap, giving the keyboard a vibrant and colorful look.

Hot Swappable Custom Switches

The EP84 Plus features Hot Swappable with Epomaker Custom Switches. A 5-pin/3-pin hot swappable PCB means you won’t need to solder it when replacing the switch. Each switch can be swapped out for a different type, allowing us to personalize the keyboard's feel to the exact preference. Whether you're a fan of a tactile bump or a smooth linear action, the Epomaker switches can cater to your needs. Additionally, the switches have been meticulously designed for longevity and durability, ensuring a reliable typing experience for years to come. Factory pre-lubed for smooth travel straight out of the box, each switch features supreme material for consistency and durability.

Three Modes of Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz & Type-C Cable

This exceptional keyboard supports 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB-C wired connections, ensuring seamless connectivity across all your devices, be it your PC or Mac. With the cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, lag and disconnection are things of the past, offering a fluid and uninterrupted typing experience. By the wireless option, either Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz can be chosen, and the polling rate can be up to 1000hz with 2.4GHz. By the wired mode, macros can be programmed to better fit your typing habits. The modes can be easily switched by Fn+1/2/3(Bluetooth) / 4(2.4GHz) / 5(USB Wired).

Amazing RGB Effects & Programmable with Included Software

EPOMAKER EP84 Plus mechanical keyboard features a variety of default RGB effects that you can easily switch between each other with simple shortcuts. More than that, compatible software is available for those who loves more DIY settings. You can make it your own effects with the software.

Technical Specifications

84 keys, 75%
Case Material
ABS Plastic
Plate Material
Hot Swappable
Keycaps material
Dye sublimation PBT
Stabilizer Type
USB-C, 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth 5.0
Cable Length
Battery Capacity
Compatible system
Product weight
about 0.82kg
Product size
310 x 116 x 35 mm
Inside the box
  • Keyboard
  • 2.4G Receiver
  • Manual
  • Cable


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