EPOMAKER Nude Rosa Silent Switch Set

Original 35 Pieces of EPOMAKER Nude Rosa Silent Switch Set for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement

  • Silent Gaming Keyswitch
  • UPE Stem & PC Case
  • 5-Pin, Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps
  • 21mm Long Spring
  • Pre-Lubed & Durable Lifespan
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EPOMAKER Nude Rosa Silent Switch

'Nude' symbolizes purity and simplicity, inspiring a minimalist yet refined lifestyle. 'Rosa', representing the rose, adds a touch of grace and romance. Together, Nude Rosa stands not just for a product but for a lifestyle that cherishes natural elegance and the art of living. Let every keystroke connect you to the simplicity of nature and the luxury of design. EPOMAKER Nude Rosa: where every touch is a tribute to beauty and every moment is an ode to life's poetry.

39gf Actuation Force Silent Gaming Keyswitch

Enjoy a feather-light touch that responds to your every command. The 39gf actuation force is perfect for gamers and typists alike, providing a gentle yet responsive feel that keeps you in control without causing fatigue. Say goodbye to loud clicks and clacks. The Nude Rosa switches are crafted for silence, ensuring every keystroke is as quiet as a whisper. Keep your focus razor-sharp and don't disturb those around you, whether you're in an intense gaming session or working late at night.

21mm Long Spring

At the core of each EPOMAKER Nude Rosa switch is the meticulously designed 21mm spring, a hallmark of precision and consistency. This extended spring ensures each keystroke is not only smooth but remarkably reliable, providing a satisfying smoonth response and an ideal bounce-back that enhances your typing rhythm. The precise actuation harmonizes with the natural motion of your fingers, offering a typing experience that is both intuitive and engaging. Embrace the unique blend of stability, precision, and tactile satisfaction with every press, making every interaction with your keyboard a seamless extension of your thoughts and intentions.

5-Pin Pre-Lubed Switch

Discover effortless installation with the 5-pin design, tailored for seamless compatibility with the majority of MX-style mechanical keyboards. Each switch arrives pre-lubed, ensuring a velvety, frictionless keystroke from the very first press. Dive into an immediately gratifying typing experience, where convenience meets crafted precision, right out of the box.

UPE Stem+PC Case

Crafted from superior UPE, the stem of each switch is engineered to minimize wear and tear, promising enduring performance through endless gaming battles and intensive typing workloads. Relish in the steadfast, uniform response of each keystroke, ensuring a perpetually smooth and stable typing journey.

Technical Specifications

EPOMAKER Nude Rosa Silent Switch Set
5 pins
Pre travel
65% (67 Keys)
Total travel
Operation force
Actuation force
50,000,000 min
Number of pieces
35 pieces
PC case+UPE stem
Inside the box
  • 35 Pieces of EPOMAKER Nude Rosa Silent Switches

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